I settled in our neighborhood when I moved to DC in 2015 and I've lived here for the past 5 years. I came here from St. Louis, Missouri where I was living after attending college at Saint Louis University. I received Bachelors and Masters degrees in Economics and Political Science. Here in DC I've worked in government affairs and policy in support of federal and state anti-poverty programs. I'm particularly knowledgeable about housing, workforce development, and energy assistance programs that serve low-income Americans. I currently attend Howard University 


where I'm pursuing my Master's in Social Work. Upon graduating I hope to work directly with folks experiencing poverty and homelessness. In my free time you can find me training for a half marathon, going on a long bike ride, or having a beer on U street. I'm also a proud member of the LGBTQ community and as a commissioner I will advocate for diversity and inclusion of all LGBTQ people.


It's important for you to know the guiding principles I will bring to any issue or decision that comes before the ANC:

Economic Justice- We need to pursue every opportunity to make DC liveable and accessible for every day working people, not just the super rich. This applies to housing, transit, education, living wages, & more. Solutions to many issues in DC have already been identified by members of our own communities. Too often, however, the DC Council listens to developers, big businesses, & outside interests instead of DC citizens.


Racial and Social Justice- Economic justice cannot be achieved without racial justice. We must explicitly and intentionally work to ensure that the community efforts of the ANC are advancing racial justice, promoting anti-racism, and reducing the disparities that affect black, brown, indigenous, and immigrant communities in DC. In addition to racism, I will oppose ableism, ageism, classism, and sexism in order to promote social justice through all efforts of the ANC.