What's an ANC?

ANC1B08 means Ward 1, ANC B, District 08. ANC stands for Advisory Neighborhood Commission. Each of D.C.'s 8 Wards is split up into multiple ANCs labeled with a letter: A, B, C, D, E, or F.  Within each ANC, there are generally 8 to 12 single member districts making up the ANC, each district elects a representative. Each district is home to roughly 2,000 residents.

What does the ANC Do?

Like its name indicates, the ANC advises the DC Council on various issues. The ANC weighs in on matters like zoning, new construction projects, restaraunt/liquor liscences, bus routes. etc. The ANC is also a way to communicate neighborhood feedback to the city. ANC's are advocates amplifying the voices of their residents. 


Learn More

ANC1B Website- 1B08 is part of ANC1B. Check out the website and sign up for the ANC email newsletter.

OpenANC- This is an interactive map where you can examine all of the ANC boundaries and candidates. 

Council Member Website- ANC 1B is represented by Council Member Brianne Nadeau.